Best Different Types of Piercing Names

Different Types of Piercing Names

Different Types of Piercing Names

Piercings, or body piercing as it is also known, are a growing trend among many different types of people. Some of these people include celebrities and famous household names. Many different types of piercing exist for different areas of the body, including the nostrils, eyebrows, lips, tongue, ears, navel, abdomen, breast, neck, belly button and eyebrows. Many people are under the understanding that the more exotic or sensitive the piercing is, the more expensive it is. This isn’t always true though.

A piercing name can be as simple as a letter D to as complex as a letter Z. Common pierce locations include the upper lip, the chin, the neck, the lower lip, the back, the nostril, the forehead, the ear, the lip edge, the middle of the back, the navel, around the fingernail base, the groin area and the belly button. In addition to the name being significant, many different designs are often used such as stars, crosses, heart, floral, birthstones, diamonds, barbed wire, baroque, floral designs and Celtic knots. Some piercing names are used to describe specific locations, such as a nostril piercing, lip piercing, back piercing, ear piercing or eyebrow piercing.

One type of piercing which is growing in popularity is the ear piercing, also known as an “intermediate piercing.” Ear piercing names include cartilage rings (also called chandelier earrings), transverse lobe piercing (top of the ear), peri-anal (two holes in the back of the ear) and lingual (one hole in the top of the ear). Many people who have ear piercing choose to wear silicone jewelry instead of gold because they are non-conductive and don’t irritate the skin and hair like gold does. The transverse lobe piercing is often made from cartilage taken from another part of the body.

Another popular form of piercing is to have a barbells piercing. Barbells piercing is a term for lower lip and upper molar piercings. Barbells are usually made out of stainless steel, but can be made of bronze, copper or even chrome. Barbells that are made from stainless steel are said to be able to endure piercing attacks from angry dogs, black eyes, mucus, germs and even poisonous jellyfish. Barbells that are made out of bronze, copper or chrome are said to be more flexible and malleable.

If you want your piercing to be noticeable then you might consider getting a nose piercing or a philtrum piercing. Both of these piercing types are popular today and they both go by names similar to facial piercing – nose rings and philtrums. However, unlike facial piercing, nose rings and philtrums do not usually cover the nose hole. A nose ring may be secured with a pin, while a philtrum piercing uses a special ring that pushes through the piercing hole and secures it there.

Most people have heard of the term angel bites piercing, which is probably why so many people are going for it today. Angel bites piercing is usually for people who have pierced their lips or faces at some point in their lives. A lot of people also get this name because they sometimes end up with strange “winged” tattoos that circle their upper lip. Basically any piercing that is on or above the lip usually gets referred to as a “winged tattoo”, but the truth is, there are literally thousands of different winged tattoo designs that you can choose from.

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