Legendary Geometric Tattoo Flower Tattoos Have Strong Meaning

Geometric Tattoo Flower Tattoos Have Strong Meaning

Geometric Tattoo Flower Tattoos Have Strong Meaning

When it comes to tattoo meanings and designs, there can be no better geometric tattoo flower designs than the lotus flower. The lotus has been a favorite among Asian cultures as it represents the oneness between humans and spirituality. According to traditional Chinese thinking, the universe is made up of geometric shapes and the human body is nothing but a reflection or a form of these shapes. Therefore, it follows that the human form is one of many geometric shapes.

The lotus flower has long been a symbol of spirituality for Hindus and Buddhists, as well as for followers of ancient Egyptian and Aztec cultures. While each civilization has its sacred flower, generally the most popular sacred flower is the lily. Just as the flower of life which looks very much like geometric designs of Mandalas, the lily also comes from sacred Indian civilization.

Sacred Geometric Tattoo Flower Meaning: The meaning behind a geometric tattoo design can vary according to different cultures and societies. For example, in Native American culture, the lily has a religious meaning. It was revered because it is a symbol of the creator. If you look deep into the history of the lily, you will see that it is closely associated with the story of creation. The lily is the flower of creation as it is said to resemble a small black shell that is the “worm” that created the physical world. The black ink used for this tattoo design is said to represent the evil black “worm” that tricked the “lily” into existence.

Geometric Tattoo Flower: If you want to add some spice and color to your plain sleeve tattoo, then you might want to try floral geometric tattoos. It has been considered one of the most beautiful and elegant looking flower tattoos among all the other options. Its vibrant colors and delicate flowers give an illusion of beauty and elegance to the whole design. It has always been regarded as a symbol of beauty and femininity among women. However, its primary meaning still remains the same – it is a symbol of life.

Lotus Flower Meaning: The lotus flower has a very symbolic meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism religion. The lotus flower is believed to be a symbol of awakening to the spiritual reality. Also, the lotuses are also said to represent balance and harmony in the material and spiritual realms. Therefore, people who choose this tattoo as their sleeve design meaning probably have a high regard for the meaning of life itself.

Geometric Tattoo Flower Tattoos: When people opt to go for lotus flower design tattoos, they are actually choosing a great symbol of life. It is not only an elegant design that can look beautiful in any part of the body but it can also serve as a healing method. Tattoos are supposed to symbolize the strong inner being of an individual. Tattoos also act as portals from our conscious to subconscious state. Therefore, the geometric tattoo design serves as a reminder of the beauty inside the person and its strong meaning for everyday living.

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