Amazing Seed Beading Design Board

Seed Beading Design Board

Seed Beading Design Board

A quick introduction to OGees Seed Beading Design Board-an innovative new tool for the beaded designer. Not only can you create interesting designs with the real beads that you will be using in your work, but you can also change your pattern on the fly and create entirely different designs with the beads that you have on hand. This is a must have if you are going to join the ranks of people who are using this exciting beading technique. Here’s more of what this amazing tool can do for you.

The key to being successful at working with seed beads involves using the right tools. One of the most important of these is a good beading design board. Your choice in this regard should depend greatly upon what project you are working on. Different projects call for different tools and Oggie Boards come in many varieties. If you are working with regular seed beads, the options are endless.

One of the best things about Oggie boards is that they allow you to quickly see which color is missing from the beads when you are adding them to your design. This allows you to easily blend the beads together so that you get a great outcome. Another great thing about these boards is that you can do all sorts of things to them. For example, you can easily draw lines to demarcate areas of your beaded work. You can draw a line that delineates the areas where you will be putting different colored beads so that you know exactly what color you are working with and what colors will be used for coordinating accessories with the rest of your work.

This Oggie Board looks very much like the seed beads peyote that is found in Native American Indian beadwork. The Oggie Board has a nice round shape that allows you to lay it down flat and draw lines through it to demarcate your beaded design. This allows you to easily change your design to incorporate other color or method of bead placement. If you have never seen a peyote board before, they are certainly worth looking into.

In addition to the seed beading board mentioned above, Junebug utilizes a very unique type of wooden plaques to help people remember important dates in their life. The name of the date of an important event is written on the back of the plaques and hung on the wall. This is great for remembering special events or other dates in your life. This is also a nice gift idea for someone who is in charge of planning a birthday party for a loved one in your life.

When choosing a design for your Junebug Oggie Board, it is important that you look for a design that you will find appealing. Since the board features beads, you need to ensure that the design will work well with those beads. Using different colored beads in different areas of the board can help create a unique design for you. If you plan on putting lots of small beads on the board, you should look for a design that allows you to easily add more beads to the board as it gets filled with different colors of beads. Using this type of beading design board in your home or office is a great way to keep important information close at hand and easily visible.

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